I am Seyed Sajad Kahani.
And the last update of this page is 23rd August 2020.

Who am I?

I am a human being, born in 1998. I am studying bachelor of computer engineering (beside a minor degree of physics) at Sharif University of Technology and working at Phanous Research and Innovation Centre. I used to work as a software engineer, a product manager and a data scientist at Cafe Bazaar, Divar and Balad and before these, I was a national physics Olympiad medalist.

You can check out my CV to see a tabular and detailed version of my story.

What do I have here?

Here is a list of things that you can have access to.
For other projects checkout my Github and for other notes checkout my Blog


How can you reach me?

my email addresses are "sska1377 [at] G mail", "sskahani [at] ce [dot] sharif [dot] edu" and "sajad [at] phanous [dot] ir".
or you can find me in Twitter or Instagram